Questions & Answers

Q:  If a business is looking to expand and needs to finance it, can you help?

A: If you are raising money to expand, then it is important to understand firstly why you are planning to expand.  If it is to mask an underlying problem in your existing business, then again, all you will do is create a bigger pit to fall into.

If the expansion has a good basis, then it is vitally important to ensure that sufficient resources are available to manage the larger business, that the systems are aligned and suitable, that the right people are available, that your eye is not taken off your existing business during or after the expansion, and so on.

You are playing with bigger stakes, now is the time to get a comprehensive and quality plan, one that will alert you to the pitfalls as well as the opportunities.

If you wish, our consultants may take on a project lead role for a defined period, so your time and resources are not overly stretched while the transition is under way.

Yes, we can definitely help!