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professional development
Classroom training or workplace training

Your people are at once your most valuable and your most expensive resource.  They can either ensure the prosperity of your business, or break it.  It makes sense, doesn’t it, for you to ensure that they perform to the best of their capabilities?  If we could improve the performance of your managers and their departments by 20% – 80%, wouldn’t that be something worth pursuing?

Studies (such as SHMR) predict that every time a business replaces a high-earner or executive level employee, the cost can be more than 2x their salary.  A study by the Institute for Research on Labor and Employment, University of California, Berkeley  found that “turnover costs for a manager average 150% of salary, including tangible costs of hiring new workers and relocation, and intangible costs such as the new worker’s inefficiency and lost productivity while the job is vacant.”

Keeping this in mind, what if you dramatically reduce the rate of loss of your high performers while at the same time improve their skills and contribution?  What would that do to your bottom line?

Savant’s trainers are certified under the Australian Quality Training Framework to deliver courses in Management that turn managers into professionals, utilising best practice in their everyday roles.  Better still, after each day of theory, learners are given 4 weeks to complete a project using the content of the day’s learning in their jobs, and have to submit a report on the project and its outcomes.  This means that the benefits of the learning are experienced from day one, and the training is ingrained and becomes a part of who they are, delivering benefits for years to come.

We encourage all managers in an organisation to attend the course together, so everyone is on the same page, excited about working together to improve themselves and the organisation.  Productivity jumps in this environment.

Employee productivity means having people doing things they are suited for and enjoy.  It means they are properly trained and have the resources they need to get the job done.  It means everyone pulling in the same direction, feeling part of a team, each one fulfilling their role and supporting others.  It means that people get satisfaction from their work and recognition for performance.  It means that they are supported in their desire to grow, that their concerns and complaints are listened to, and they feel valued.  It means that from the top down, everyone understands the organisation’s priorities and goals, high ethical standards and good corporate citizenship.

Not only is achieving these conditions likely to engender motivation to perform for the organisation, it will also create a climate of loyalty and pride, where staff put in the extra required to achieve quality outcomes within deadlines.  When staff are so turned on by their work and have a career path they want mapped out for them, are they likely to seek greener pastures elsewhere?

Our training covers areas such as:

  • Training and SkillsPersonal effectiveness
  • Managing Meetings
  • Managing Risk
  • Workplace Health and Safety
  • Project Management
  • Leading Effective Teams
  • Providing Quality Customer Service
  • Implementing and Managing Continuous Improvement Programs
  • Effective Presentations
  • Business and Strategic Planning
  • Recruitment, Selection and Induction
  • Executing the Organisational Plan

Getting the fundamentals right in a business as described above leads to a slew of benefits as listed below that all translate to a much healthier bottom line:

  • Fewer people leave, and the cost of replacing people drops dramatically;
  • Product quality improves;
  • More shipments are made on time;
  • Customers enjoy better products, service and a turned on team;
  • Suggestions for reducing waste and removing bottlenecks are voluntarily given;
  • Conflict, bullying and other negative behaviours become rare exceptions to the norm;
  • The best candidates come looking for work, rather than have to be enticed away from others;
  • The value of each person’s contribution to the organisation can grow to its maximum potential.

The result of all this is, of course, an organisation that outperforms its peers, sets standards of customer service, performance and profitability, and becomes a place which enriches the lives of all those who work there.

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