Questions & Answers

Q: Can Savant help if a business plan is needed to raise money for a start-up?

A: Many people have an idea that they think is going to make them rich.  They get all fired up, throw their resources into it, and do whatever is necessary to get the funds they believe are needed to develop and launch it, even putting their house on the line.

Shouldn’t they get someone to test their assumptions and see if there is a market?  Analyse how the competition might react?  Identify the target market and how best to reach it?  Devise an integrated plan that alerts peak resource needs in advance?  Imagine if the quality standards are not defined, and a product does not work, or worse, someone is injured?  That could spell the end of all the dreams and turn them into a nightmare.

If you are a start-up, now is the time to get the right advice, before it is too late and you create a big hole to fall into. The last thing you want is to lose is your dreams, your home and your family, isn’t it?

If you have a good idea, then thank the financier for asking for a plan.  Do it properly to impress them and to maximise your chances of success.  Call us.