Questions & Answers

Q: You say that you can improve performance by between 20% and 80%.  How can you do this?

A:  A lot of our approach is based on the belief that a business’s 2 greatest assets are its customers and its people.  Another key belief is that a company’s staff is often its most expensive asset, and in most cases underperforms.

We start with the approach that you should give your customers what they want, not what you think they want, and certainly not what you want to give them!  The only way to find out what your customers want is to ask them, and that is what we do.  We ask about the history, the present and their future needs.  That tells us how the company needs to be oriented.

While not ignoring the other factors affecting the organisation’s performance, we focus a lot on the staff, because it is here that significant gains may be made.  Understanding the skills, strengths, motivations and career aspirations of your staff is the first step to putting the right people in the right places, and knowing who to invest in for the future.

Our management training turns managers into professionals, improving their performance and that of their departments by very significant amounts.  One outcome of this is that their staff are encouraged to develop and contribute at higher levels as well.  When you remove obstacles, seize opportunities and let your people develop to become the best they can be, you are unstoppable.

Q:  Do you have an example of the benefits of this approach?

A:  The SMH reported on October 30 2015 that by engaging its workforce, BHP increased earnings by $4Bn, improved safety by 26%, and reduced costs by more than 30%, with more to come. The lion’s share of these improvements have been driven by ideas from its workforce.  By respecting and valuing your employees, massive benefits can and will flow.  We’d like to achieve similar results for your business.  Call us and be prepared for an exciting ride!