Adding value – our synergy with VC’s

Adding value and creating wealth for VC's and their clients

It occurred to me that many organisations, especially early stage ones, have energy and ideas, but are lacking in comprehensive business skills, including planning skills.

Convinced that they have the next big idea, they go looking for funds to develop and market it. Invariably, their estimates of the funds needed are pitched way too low, resulting in problems and heartbreak later on.

Investors often have very little to base their judgement on, other than the idea, the enthusiasm of the entrepreneur, and a simple plan that is based around getting the development completed and launched on the market. Am I correct?

What investors need is an independent report from a business expert, who will prepare the report based on the real value of the idea, the skills in the organisation and those needed to successfully develop and market the product, the risks, proper costing of development and marketing, and a comprehensive business plan that will cover actions, skills, goals, opportunities, risks, communication, marketing, finance needs, personnel and skills, policies and procedures, resources, manufacturing, sales, health and safety, and the like. It should be a 1 year, 5 year and possibly 10 year plan, one that if adopted, will ensure expectations are aligned, activities are directed and progress is made with minimal disruption.

Why isn’t this the norm in the industry today? Is it because of the perceived cost of the report/plan? Or are investors ready to gamble on only partial information?

If your customer is in Sydney, and you would like to have an analysis like this performed, we are able to do it at reasonable cost. If your customers need strong management skills for a period, whether it be for a project, change program, or to establish and structure the organisation early on, we are also able to assist.

If you see the synergy I’m talking about, call me on 02 8090 4100.  That will probably be your most valuable call today.